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On having a daughter

Leta: “Mom, I love to read.” Me: “I know, Leta. I think that’s awesome.” Leta: “My friend Hannah can’t read.” Me: “It’s okay that she can’t read, Leta. Not all five-year-olds can read.” Leta: “No, she can’t read because she’s tall.” Me: “Oh, really? That’s how it works?” Leta: “She’s tall, and I want to [...]

Deceptively calm

When she appears sedate like this you just want to eat her up, but the moment you make a move to pet her she turns into a tornado. The only time during the day when she will remain this still is from about 10 PM on when the day has finally taken its toll, and [...]

30 weeks

Last week marked my 30th week of pregnancy (tomorrow marks week 31), so I had Jon snap this photo last Wednesday night in Austin at our hotel room a few hours after the book signing: Friday morning I had an appointment with my OBGYN who made a point of telling me that she was much [...]

Signs of warmer weather

The plum trees in the neighborhood are blooming, signaling some of the happiest weeks of the year for me. Rarely have I ever seen a spring as spectacular as the ones in Utah.

After a week with the Hamiltons

Me: “What is this?” Jon: “That? That’s Leta’s fart machine.” Me: “Where did she get a fart machine?” Jon: “Don’t look at me. She spent last week with your people.” Me: “What do you mean my people?” Jon: “Let’s put it this way: you don’t ever see anyone on my side of the family using [...]

Distress signals

Jon snapped this photo during my reading last night in Austin, one of about a hundred where I am wildly flapping my hands in the air. Someone in Denver came up to me after the reading there and said she was astounded by how much I talked with my hands, it was totally unexpected, it [...]

Sparkle ring

Last week when I was in Portland I had about an hour of free time one afternoon and spent it looking for a new ring to wear at the rest of my book signings. My hotel was just a block away from a giant Banana Republic, so I stopped in and found this huge, sea-urchin-like [...]


Leta: “What are you doing with that ice cream cone?” Me: “Just a little project, nothing you should worry about.” Leta: “But, what are you doing with that ice cream cone?” Me: “Nothing important, Leta. Just eat your breakfast.” Leta: “Mom, what are you doing with that ice cream cone?” Me: “Fine. I needed a [...]

A word or two about vaccinations

A few weeks ago I taped some footage for a Momversation about vaccinations, and yesterday it went live: Here I willingly admit to not understanding parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, an opinion that is now as controversial as refusing vaccinations used to be, and I will admit that this is a bit [...]

Triggering the chorus of a certain Journey song

Took this photo a few minutes before I landed in San Francisco last Wednesday morning and was dying to spend some time in the city when it wasn’t cold and foggy. But then I got to the hotel and noticed the king-sized bed, took a look at my swollen legs, and then literally fell over. [...]