How funny! When I saw the heading I knew what was coming. My husband never screwed up the names, but he would always refer to our daughter as “he” in the middle of the night and vice versa with our son. I never did understand that. Just another reason I’m glad I’m not a man.

  • Lilli

    She’s exquisite, and now my eyes are watering.

  • Elizabeth

    Don’t you think Leta and Marlo look so much alike? I was just looking at this one of Leta….



  • http://colorofblue.blogspot.com MEDICATION

    Heather what medication have you been taking for yourr depression? Is the baby ok so far? I am soo scared of taking anything during pregnancy but I NEED it.
    Please help by giving me your input!

    When I search your Archives I only get hits on peoples comments on medication! =(


  • Rebecca

    I’ve even called my kids by the dogs name! Hey…. it happens!

  • http://www.jerseymomblogging.blogspot.com Sheryl

    Oooohhh… Thanks so much for that video. Brings back memories to those first few (voluntary) sleepless nights when you just watched and looked… I like how you can see her eyes adjusting as well.

    Welcome to the world, baby Marlo!

  • http://www.mammakaze.com Mammakaze

    I am watching this video and vicariously enjoying the beauty of this peaceful, quiet moment broken only by little gurgles, grunts and the occasional misnomer. Right now, my house is filled with a gaggle of 7 year old girls giggling, screaming, asking for snacks, for me to adjust their tiaras, tie the bow on the back of the Southern Belle dress nonna sent, playing Miley Cyrus at level 11, and bickering over what to do next. MOOD: Envious. Okay, a little cranky too.

  • http://marriageconfessions.com Katie

    My husband and I have had dogs for 5 years. We just had our first baby two weeks ago. I keep saying, “Maybe I should call the vet…I mean, the pediatrician.”

    Hang in there! She’s beautiful!

  • Michael

    I hope he never makes a mistake like that when he’s making love to you.

  • Kris

    So pretend you’re French and call her “Le Marlo”. You know it’s going to slip out anyway! LOL!

    And dude, I think she was trying to give you the finger already. And she definitely looks just like her big sister.

  • http://www.janedoedesign.com.au Tegan

    My ovaries were bashing me over the head until Jon called her Leta. Laughing snapped me out of my giddy, baby-desiring stupor.
    She really is beautiful.

  • http://leftherwits.blogspot.com/ Aly

    Congratulations!! She is so unbelievably tiny and amazing!

  • http://www.thehowertons.com Kristen

    I just had my second daughter a few weeks ago. I do this all day, every day.

    And I just have to share my word verification prompt, because it is a classic:

    and/or humping

  • MamaLana

    Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment.

  • http://www.heatherlibermanphotography.com heather

    so beautiful – what a peaceful moment!

    love how he asks you if it is fcousing and if it is “sharp” – and it isn’t :-)

  • http://skillywidden.blogspot.com Kelli

    Just the most precious, sweet moment. Leaves me breathless. (I don’t care what Jon called her. ;)

    On another note, I can’t believe what a disgusting person #94 must be. The perfection of Marlo and the vomit rottenness of #94 should not coexist on one Internet page.

  • CapableGirl

    I think many of us grew up being referred to as “whatever-ur-name-is.” I still answer to “Debbiedougiedarren.” What a lovely middle-of-the-night moment. By the way, good job, Heather, on pushing the little sweetie out without smushing her head into a phallic symbol. She’s got a sweet, beautiful little head, which means Mama did much hard work.

  • http://blogfullyyours.com Summer

    Congrats Heather and Jon. She is beautiful!

  • Britte

    Ah the name mix-up begins. My mom still goes through my 3 siblings before she gets to my mom. Sometimes she doesn’t even bother and just screams “HEY YOU, KID! GET OVER HERE!”

    By the way, Marlo is beautiful.

  • Britte

    Oops, I should learn to proof read. By “before she gets to my mom” I of course meant “before she gets to my name”.

  • Anonymous

    Fun! Mine is 18 years old now. We had a good friend who had a baby “Ashley” 4 months before our daughter was born. I kept calling my daughter Ashley for the longest time! What fun!

  • http://bethmann15.blogspot.com Beth

    She is so beautiful. The light coming from behind her makes her look even more angelic. That is awesome that Jon called her the wrong name – and I love the tone you used to correct him!

  • msmezzo

    Thanks for bringing back a great memory of my dad yelling “RoseLoreneElizabethPaulJason I mean Becca!” Jason was the dog. Your Marlo is lovely, and she looks so calm and wise. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I mean, I know this website is your bread and butter, but still, “you give too much”. Now try to get some sleep already!

  • June

    Thank you for sharing your precious newborn with us! She is beautiful. And that picture of her glowworming herself is quite spectacular.

    And like so many others here, I want you to know that your honesty and your willingness to share a LOT about motherhood/marriage/life has made me so curious that I know eagerly look forward to my turn! Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. I never really read through your comments before, and I concur that there really are some wierdos out there! (#94)

    P.P.S. Congratulations, again!

  • Lizzy

    The pink eye kindly given to me by my kids prevents me from reading all the other entries (in which others may have given this advice), but I want to say that Marlo’s bili will be fine. Nurse. A. Lot. The more they eat, the faster it goes away.
    My darling son who is a red head looked bizarre with his yellow skin and flaming hair. Glow worm, indeed.

    Yellow or not, she’s a beauty and I am so happy for you all.

    Welcome little Marlo girl. The world is a lot cuter now that you are here.


  • http://www.calamityjill.com Calamity Jill

    The video failed the image at the beginning of it is PAINFULLY cute. Congratulations.

  • admin

    Parental name disorder.

    And you are a turd for posting this one.

  • http://venusruns.com Meagan

    Too funny. She should just get used to it – my mom still can’t get our (mine and my sisters’) names right. At least Leta and Marlo start with different letters.
    She is totally adorable!!

  • http://daddyscratches.com Daddy Scratches

    Wow. Congratulations, Heather. You and Jon must be thrilled … and hopefully Leta is too, despite the name confusion. ;)

  • Dana

    Hi Heather (and Jon and Leta, and now Marlo),

    Congratulations! How lucky you all are.


  • Lise

    She looks mesmerized by her hands and the camera.

  • bethany1023

    I found the Billi lights soothing – but by the time he had to be under them we had spent a week in the NICU so perhaps it was just the release of finally knowing he was getting better.

    The nurses called his billi blanket a wallaby – not sure if taht’s the company that makes them or just another name. DS had so many sticks in his foot he looked like a voodoo doll by the time we got him home.

    Congrats on such a healthy happy little girl!

  • Carrie

    Awww..I remember those middle of the night times. Only mine was usually screaming. Those were the days.


  • http://highlyirritable.wordpress.com highlyirritable

    I have to stop looking. My ovaries just made an audible “ploink…ploink” sound.

    I’m trying to remember that they eventually turn four, but biology has strong urges to be fruitful…


  • Kelly

    Perhaps he now wants a divorce and then what will become of poor Marlo and co? :)

  • Hissyfit

    Hello beautiful baby! I think my heart just melted. Congrats to your beautiful family!

  • LB

    Look at those big thoughts rolling around in her head….like “Dude – why did he just call me Leta….I’m Marlo”.

    She’s lovely!

  • http://d2dmad.blogspot.com/ Dani

    I hope you know I mean this in the most non scary way possible but, I just want to eat her up.

    That is one seriously cute baby!

  • http://www.xanga.com/Bratfink Brat

    Oh, man, that was cruel! I predict a rash of babymaking tonight all over The Online! LOL!

    What a sweetie!

  • http://www.sixfeetunderblog.com Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog

    Very cute. She does look like a glow worm!

  • Alex

    Hahaha, it’s going to happen alot from now on, Jon!
    She is soo sweet!

  • http://www.erintracy.com/blog/ Erin

    Oh my god, Jon saying “Leta” was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Trudy

    Absolutely adorable!!! :-)

  • Brea

    I am trying to leave a kicky little comment – but I am practically speechless. Marlo is so tiny, and her slow hand movements are like watching stars. She is absolutely breathtaking.

    You’ve gone and made the Internet proud, Armstrongs!

  • http://www.olliegraphic.etsy.com meg b

    Adorable! Congrats!

  • Louise

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! And I just caught baby fever, AGAIN! Thanks. My husband is going to kill me.

  • Kelly

    Oh!!! She is gorgeous!!! .You two make beautiful babies! .Heather I just have to say you look movie star serene in the other pics you posted.I looked like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards a few days after my daughter was born!
    Congratulations Jon ,Heather & Leta;):).

  • Katrina

    Congrats Heather, she’s beautiful. Doesn’t help that her parents and sister are good looking too! :)

  • http://americana.visualblogging.com Jen

    Seriously, that is classic.

  • http://aredeaf.blogspot.com Coelecanth

    Little starfish hands and puzzled eyes, so very, very, beautiful.

    My wee one’s jaundice peaked at the same time as my wife’s milk started to come in, which apparently sometimes makes it harder to suckle. The poor little bub wasn’t strong enough and stopped feeding. 12 hours later we were in emergency watching them struggle to insert a line into her tiny little dehydrated veins. If you want to see the medical profession at its best show up in emergency with a newborn. Head of the line, no waiting, and they kept calling for help until they found the nurse with magic hands, the one who clicked her tongue, shook her head, and slid that line in first try.

    Oh, and Jon should be cut some slack. The man’s the father of two daughters! He’s so outnumber in that house that he’s going to need all compassion he can get. :)