• http://pregnancy-birth-faqs.com Preggy

    I am going to have mine in September

  • http://12tutufondue.blogspot.com Doc Bill

    She’s thinking Blogspot!

    I can see it!

    My Mommy is so Cool dot Blogspot dot com.

    Can she type yet?

  • http://thereadbaron.blogspot.com Amanda Nicole

    So so precious. I love the pure wonderment on her face!

    And don’t worry – my mom calls my sister by the dog’s name, and vice versa, ALL THE TIME.

  • http://12tutufondue.blogspot.com Doc Bill

    She’s thinking Blogspot!

    I can see it!

    My Mommy is so Cool dot Blogspot dot com.

    Can she type yet?

  • Milo

    Haha, you will be forever reminded of that, Jon. My father called my sister a different name (related to hers but not my name) when she was born and my mom won’t forget it. My sister doesn’t know, though. Dude, gotta go tell her.

    PS: Marlo is gorgeous but of course we all know that.

  • http://angryredhead.wordpress.com Candice

    I want I want I want!!!

  • http://beanieandmrt.blogspot.com/ Beanie

    The first of many.

    My husband says his name was Jesus Christ for a while since his mom would go through all 6 of his siblings and finally give up and yell, “Jesus Christ, you know I’m talking to you!”

  • http://www.iambossy.com/ BOSSY

    She’s already so present. Amazing.

  • Shelly

    She is so sweet.. How is Leta liking her new little sister?

  • Twyla

    OMG!! She is so FRICKIN adorable I cannot stand it!!
    Congrats Congrats Congrats!!

  • ishkadebble

    Yup. All of us empty uterus types are clutching our belly wondering if maybe we should have done the deed ourselves. Marlo is lovely! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations to you all.

  • Anonymous

    My son is 21 and I still get him and whoever the current dog is mixed up. Though, for some reason, I’ve NEVER called him by one of the cat’s names!

  • Jennifer

    I so wish I had videos of my kids this small…

  • http://blog.cuppafog.com Chelc

    She is so precious, whatever you call her! Being the second of 4 girls, we all got used to hearing 10 times of everyone else’s name but yours. My grandma got so tired of trying to remember our names she’d call us all Herkimer instead. See, it could always be worse!

  • http://mountainmommachronicles.wordpress.com/ mountainmomma18

    Dude I look at stuff like this and only remember the good times with wee ones, how soon we forget that fog of sleep deprivation. This just makes me want another one right now, do I have to go through the whole incubation process?

  • http://www.candysticklane.blogspot.com Candy Stick Lane

    I call the roll every time – including the dog! It only gets worse :D She is gorgeous! XO

  • http://www.blackdragontattoo.org Leslie

    Marlo will be using this in her teen years as proof that Dad most certainly DID like Leta best!!

    You Armstrongs sure do make some beautiful babies!

  • Kari

    So beautiful! I’m sure you’re not reading these comments (I hope not!) but if you get sent home on phototherapy you’ll really see a glow-worm… they wear this crazy light belt with a tube that strings out of it.

    Just think, she’s doing more tanning now then you’ll ever let her do :)

  • Floyd

    My goodness – she’s so cute! Look at those long pretty fingers! She’s going to be a pianist.

  • http://kaiasmommysaid.blogspot.com/ sneffnie

    that was awesome.

  • Sarah

    Hello! First time commenting, I have been reading you for about 4 years! Just to say congrats, all the best xx

  • Kari

    I post that then realize you got sent home with the blanket instead of the belt. I’m a moron.

  • http://figcookies.blogharbor.com Caren

    The name confusion is only just beginning! LOL

    Marlo is a bundle of awesomeness!

  • elismsue

    She is still gorgeous and regardless of the mix-up of names, you can hear the love in his voice.

    Leta, Marlo, Leta, Marlo….they sound alike, don’t they?

    Eh..not. I loved the moment you caught….precious.

  • Lisa

    She is just perfect! I love her already……and I don’t even know her…….

  • http://guitardad.weebly.com Guitar Dad

    Makes me want to talk my wife into having another one of these ourselves. I love babies!


  • http://momsrevolution.blogspot.com Carolyn

    She’s got great eyes – very wide open and alert. She’ll get through the other stuff just fine.

    At least you don’t call her “Pookey” like I did my twin son when he was born.

  • christie

    Love that sleepy little blink about halfway through. She’s a beautiful baby – congratulations to you and your family.

  • andtheywillknowusbyourmadeupnames

    love it. and love the tanning bed shots. one of the photos I have up is my littlest one on his bed, with his goggles on, just chillin’

  • http://www.citizenkim.com CitizenKim

    Oooh, she looks very smart. I’m sure she has good advice as to Jon’s new car ponderings. She looks like she has a lot to say (beyond- give me that boob back)!

    Congrats- she’s beautiful!

  • http://www.grafxnerd.net Laura

    So cute and squishy! I had no volume going if Jon did talk, but the cool purple glow is very becoming to her! Congrats!

  • Meranath

    She’s so perfect. But the question is, can you fit her whole head in your mouth? :)

  • http://maggie.coffeeshopmafia.com/ Maggie

    She is adorable. Congratulations !

    My first baby had to have a “billiblanket” also for a bit of jaundice. I remember seeing the glowing bassinet in the middle of the night.

  • Anjana

    She is beautiful – I had to come home to watch because my work blocks videos…

  • Keet

    I spent the bulk of my childhood being called by either of my siblings’ names. Kelly (my older sister) I totally understand, but dang if Michael (my younger brother) didn’t come out a time or two.

    She’s absolutely perfect! Congratulations!

  • http://www.piningfornordstrom.com Jill VT

    Dooce, this is a comment re. the horror of jaundice: my first had a bili level of 32; 2nd had a level around 20. 3rd and 4th were low teens. Do email me if you need thoughts/reassurance!

  • http://www.grumblesandgrunts.com Jamie

    Oh wow! Look at the Marlo! So cute…

  • Ellen

    I love how the eyes track only intermittently. When they do, she looks like she’s about to speak!
    Thank you for sharing a precious midnight moment. It’s actually very calming to watch, all glow-y and intensely quiet.

  • bibliogrrl

    Seriously. I’m *36* and my mom still calls me every name but my own. And when she does get there, she has run through every name but her own.

    I usually sit there patiently, and then I laugh at her. I’m used to it by now. My sister? She get’s a little more exasperated than I do.

    That is one gorgeous kid. Both of them are!

  • http://twitter.com/hockeybrad Brad

    Oh, you poor guy. Really, this might be the only truly bad thing about having two girls. Well, until they’re both teenagers. ;)

    Lovely video. She’s really beautiful.

  • thelibraianne

    Oh well; my parents STILL have to go through the all of the kids’ and pets’ names to get to mine, and unfortunately I have 3 siblings and my parents have 5 pets. And I’m the second to the oldest. And an adult. Ah, families.

    Marlo is a dollbaby.

  • http://naptimestudiosquilts.blogspot.com/ TracyT.

    What an absolutely precious being. Thank you for sharing her with us. As for the name mix-up, my John also did the same with #2. I joked I was going to fine him $1 each time…I would have been a thousand-aire.

    “Enjoy” the hormones, it’s a ride like no other (as I know you know!)

  • http://bzikk.com Bzikk

    Just to say congrats. Your blog is read here in France.

  • http://bea.typepad.com Bea

    She is perfection personified. Can you order them that way? I had no idea!

  • http://quicksaidthebird.blogspot.com Nicole

    She’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. And you know I mean it, we’ve never met, only people who know you would bother to blow that kind of smoke up your ass. For truly: most beautiful baby ever.

  • http://allconsuming.blogspot.com kim at allconsuming

    OOOHHHHH new baby noises! And look at those long fingers! And are they propeller arms I see!

    Hilarious about the name thing – I was in hospital with Grover (#4) and after about 6 hours of him hanging off my boobs for the second night I wheeled him out to the nurses saying something about them looking after Jasper (#3) because I needed at least some sleep if I was going to survive.

    The midwife came in a few minutes later just to check.

    And now? They’re all lucky if they get their whole name, not some melange of all of them like OscFelix, or JaspOscar, or GrovJasper, or FelGrover.

    I tell them to count their blessings we don’t have dogs as otherwise they’d be getting that thrown into the mix.

  • http://shootingthewar.com Shoot

    My name was Don`t! :)

  • http://www.flipthiswholesaler.blogspot.com Stephani


    What a gorgeous little girl. :)

  • Valerie

    Oh my goodness, she is adorable. I love her hands.

  • http://laurelrants.blogspot.com/ Laurel

    I love that Jon is concerned about the camera’s focus, yet flubs his CHILD’S NAME. Sleep deprivation is a bitch. Leta, I mean Marlo, is too cute for words. Hang in there, guys!