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Someone’s got the snarlies!

Someone is as upset about this winter as I am. In fact, I am currently making this expression.

The Elvis Encyclopedia

This 608-page behemoth is the detailed chronicle of every aspect of Elvis Presley’s life, full of rare photos, album and movie specifics, and even a copy of his last will and testament. It’s probably some sort of cliché that I’m from Memphis and a huge fan of Elvis, but I think I can probably blame [...]

Nat Sherman #307

Last time I posted a photo of Jon smoking a pipe I got an email from someone screaming about how unbecoming it was to see him like this. I used to let him smoke in the office, but since I’ve been pregnant he’s only allowed to smoke on walks outside. When he pops the pipe [...]

Beware of dog

Our front door is right around that corner, and if Coco is not physically tied to one of us during the day this is where we are sure to find her. She watches the house for us and growls at every passing car, jogger, and stray leaf. Which means a good portion of our day [...]

The second second trimester

Sometimes life rolls along such that Jon and I do not even realize how different it is to live with a child who can communicate her needs and understand that others around her have their own. We get up in the morning, pour her a bowl of cereal, and settle in for a peaceful breakfast, [...]


Me: “Leta, today is a very important day.” Leta: “But why?” Me: “Because we’re getting a new president.” Leta: “What kind of new president?!” Me: “His name is Barack Obama.” Leta: “… what did you say?” Me: “BARACK OBAMA.” Leta: “That is a really silly name, Mom.”

OY VEY custom onesie

Natalie, the owner of the Onesie-Twosie Etsy shop, sent over this custom onesie for the baby, and my first thought was, oh my god, she’s going to be that small? Natalie’s shop is full of custom onesies and toddler tees that would make great baby shower gifts, although I doubt the kid will know to [...]

The white flag of surrender

Rarely if ever will you see a picture of the two of them chasing each other where Coco is the one being pursued. I’m sure it has everything to do with the shepherd in her, but I have to give Chuck a little credit. He’s very good at pushing her buttons, and here he had [...]

Soaking in the vitamin D

The sun has been out for the last several days, so we’ve been taking as many walks with the dogs as we can fit in. The only drawback is the persistent inversion in the valley that looks exactly like this. So taking walks in air like this probably means we’re somehow damaging our lungs, but [...]

MOP Pear Shampoo

This infant/toddler shampoo was on my holiday gift guide, and I included it there because the smell is so divine. Since it’s such a gentle shampoo, perfect for kids like Leta who freak out about the possibility of soap getting into her eyes, I use it every other time I wash my own hair to [...]