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Who me? I’m making goat noises? Surely you’re talking about my older sister. I just sit here and look cute. And make you forget that I just took a twenty minute nap.

Now I understand why cardboard was invented

So here we were, taking it easy, watching Marlo’s cues, and feeling really lucky that at about four months of age she had basically moved into her own room and given us our king-sized bed back. Where Jon can gaze longingly from four feet across the mattress, and I can go YOU SEE THAT LINE? [...]

Morning workshop


The Hamiltons

This is my dad Mike and my step mother Nelta. Again, Jon set up the shot with remote flashes, and no kidding, I had to do the SHINGLES! dance to get my dad to smile. This is one of maybe five photographs of him in existence wherein he is smiling. I think I inherited that [...]

This would make a great episode of Dora

Was it Monday night? Tuesday? I don’t remember, this week has been nothing but a blur with things toppling sideways and the surreal becoming even more surrealer, or maybe it’s surrealier. How about sureally? I LACK THE PROPER ADJECTIVE. That is now going to be my answer when someone asks how’s it going: I LACK [...]

Custom pet doodles

Artist Lisa Marie Norton hand-draws custom pet doodles and sent these to me in honor of Chuck and Coco. I think she captured the essence of each dog perfectly, and even remembered to include the little patch of white fur Chuck has on his chest. Only thing missing are little motion lines around Coco to [...]

Delicious baby

“You mean I was supposed to watch the baby while you brought in the groceries? Because I could have sworn you said snacks!“

The Boones

Here are all of Granny Boone’s living children, gathered yesterday for her funeral. From the left: Danny, Lola, David, Lori, Timmy, Lewis, Larry, Linda (my mom, The Avon World Sales Leader), and Lana. Jon did some master work with a couple of remote flashes and set up the whole shot. I think Granny would have [...]


Posting for the next couple of days is going to be light as we attend several engagements around my Granny Boone’s funeral. All nine of her children have gathered from different corners of the country, including many of their own children, so there are like thousands and thousands of Boones running around telling fart jokes, [...]

An aunt and her niece

That’s my sister September on the left, and on the right is my mother’s youngest sister Lori. Growing up people always thought they were twins, and even still the resemblance is striking. The whole Boone clan has gathered for Granny’s funeral, and after spending a few hours with all of them yesterday my Southern accent [...]