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September 2009

Polkabats and Octopus Slacks

This probably goes under the category of kids’ things that I love more than the kids do, but this book is a work of pure genius, a collection of fourteen rhyming stories by Calef Brown. The illustrations are super cool, the type of thing I’d love to frame and hang in Leta’s room. And then [...]

My old man

Today is my dad’s 68th birthday. I can remember driving over to his house in my 1979 Datsun 510 back in Memphis and hammering a sign into his yard that said, “Happy 50th Dad!” That was EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO. Whooo-ahhhh? I called to wish him a happy birthday, and get this! My dad finally got [...]

Containing a capital letter or two

Let me just set the stage by saying that the longest stretch of sleep I’ve had in the last twelve weeks was that one Wednesday night when Marlo forgot who she was for a second and slept for a solid four hours. That’s it. Since then it’s been two hours here, thirty minutes there, just [...]

Because bullying corporations is such exhausting work

Yes, the story of the Maytag Saga is coming, I’m writing it right now. But the thing is, it hasn’t ended yet because my washing machine still isn’t fixed. And I can’t post the end of the story until that repairman gets here, sometime between 1 and 4 PM. So yeah, we’ll see.

The Mythical Hobbit

Did you know there is steam coming out of my ears? ACTUAL STEAM. You could hold up your wrinkled silk blouse next to my head and it’d be ready to wear to church in no time! And your granny would be all, honey! Look at you all fancy! Let me begin this by saying that [...]

My girls

Leta cannot get enough of her little sister, and I’ll write more about that in detail soon, but I think the reason her reaction to the baby has been so drastically different than her reaction to Coco is that Marlo doesn’t get into any of her stuff. This dynamic will change, of course, once Marlo [...]

He’s cuckoo

Yeah, this was a better idea in my head than it was in real life because you can just imagine what happened when he got tired of amusing me and tilted his head backward. Jon was downstairs trying to get Marlo to sleep in our bedroom which is directly beneath this part of the living [...]

Bees in a hive

This entry will eventually make sense, so stay with me: I follow a woman on Twitter named Jelisa Castrodale who goes by the handle gordonshumway, and yesterday I had a good half-hour giggle over this update: What am I supposed to call it? Has someone come up with a replacement word for it? Because I [...]

In the hot, high desert

I remember when my mom first purchased a small piece of land in the high desert of Duchesne, Utah and wondering why in the hell she would want to build something all the way out there. And then I visited the property for the first time, and as you can see here, I immediately knew [...]