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Real Cringe

I’m headed out the door in just a bit to huddle up with some lawyers, and by some I mean a few hundred. I think things should be settled like they were when we were still evolving, you know? Hitting people in the heads with rocks. Shoving someone off of a cliff. Feeding someone’s baby [...]


I opened the front door to let in some light this morning so that I could get some good shots of Marlo, but then both dogs and Leta came over into the three-by-three foot space, and suddenly we’re an Armstrong mountain, legs and snouts and chubby fingers sticking out at awkward angles. And well, he [...]

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

My plane from NYC back to Salt Lake happened to land right at sunset. I wasn’t supposed to be using electronic equipment at the time, but we’ve established that I don’t always follow the rules (sometimes walking my dogs off leash at the golf course). I saw these colors, the reflection on the lake, and [...]