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Would sir desire a reminder of the beauty of the earth?

Sugar booger boo

Ok, I admit it. I bought this shirt because it matches her eyes. What? It’s not like I glued a blue ribbon to her forehead. Or entered her into a pageant. Although she’s staying with my mother for the next couple of days, so those things MIGHT JUST HAPPEN.

Real Cringe

I’m headed out the door in just a bit to huddle up with some lawyers, and by some I mean a few hundred. I think things should be settled like they were when we were still evolving, you know? Hitting people in the heads with rocks. Shoving someone off of a cliff. Feeding someone’s baby [...]


I opened the front door to let in some light this morning so that I could get some good shots of Marlo, but then both dogs and Leta came over into the three-by-three foot space, and suddenly we’re an Armstrong mountain, legs and snouts and chubby fingers sticking out at awkward angles. And well, he [...]

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake

My plane from NYC back to Salt Lake happened to land right at sunset. I wasn’t supposed to be using electronic equipment at the time, but we’ve established that I don’t always follow the rules (sometimes walking my dogs off leash at the golf course). I saw these colors, the reflection on the lake, and [...]

Vague, yes, but honest

I got home from New York last night at about 10PM and tried to sleep with racing thoughts of the last three days knocking my brain in a hundred different directions. I got to talk to Candice Olson about design, to Genevieve Gorder about natural childbirth, and I argued with Antonio Ballatore about who had [...]

A crisp morning

Turns out that while I was in New York a cold front hit Utah. And my sister was up camping with the young women from her church AND IT SNOWED ON THEM. Y’all, freaky shit is going on here. It’s the middle of June, and even this morning there was a bite in the air. [...]

Top of the Rock

Not many times in my life will I ever get to experience this view, and last night was one of them. It was incredible, everything. Unreal, even. However. I miss my kids. And my dogs. And maybe that husband of mine.

Business time

I’m in New York City for a few days to attend a party HGTV is throwing for their hosts and talent, all of whom I will most likely get to meet in person, meaning I am pretty much going to be pooping my pants for the next 48 hours. Soooo, pretty much routine. Yes, I [...]

Tuscan Charles

Would sir desire some fresh fruit?