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Ye Olde Skool

In the middle of all the chaos this week, Marlo had to get her one-year vaccinations. Yes, I realize we’re a little late on that. Let’s just say that a mythical bobcat kind of got in the way. As we were sitting in the waiting room, Jon was on his phone looking for cheap mattresses. [...]


We came home from the funeral just now to this. We’ll take it, thank you very much.

Thank you, Kate

Flowers from a friend, a much needed beautiful moment this week.

Charlie foxtrot

This is beginning to sound like a broken record, I know, but the last several days of our lives have been nothing but a tidal wave of heartbreaking chaos. Jon’s sister-in-law died on the morning of his birthday, this following a night that had ended in a pretty ugly display of ineptitude in parenthood on [...]

Golden oldie

This photo was taken when Chuck was less than two months old. That was over eight years, three houses, two kids, and one marriage ago. Full life, that kid. Not to mention the addition of Coco!

Requires use of a cowboy hat

Is this not the most obnoxious thing you’ve ever seen? This sits in the middle of the master bathroom. And I have used it every single day we have lived in this house. I’ve never been so thoroughly bathed in my life, although for several hours afterward I speak in my incoherent Southern accent and [...]

None of them has ever said LOL

This is Sarah’s last guest post, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me get through the last four weeks of insane change over here. Since Jon’s birthday is Sunday, and mine was earlier this week, we’re going to go get massages! IN THE SAME ROOM! I know that probably grosses some people out, [...]


Have I mentioned how happy Chuck is to live in this house? And I’m not just talking about his smile, if you know what I’m saying. HEY-OH!


We have two giant cherry trees in our backyard, and idiots that we are, we forgot to check and see if any of them were still good before inviting my twelve-year-old nephew to come and pick whatever he could and earn a little extra cash. There’s not a single good cherry left. So he’s downstairs [...]


Let’s start this off by reminding everyone that the woman who sold us this house used to let a bobcat sleep in the shed. A bobcat who seemed nice because it purred. She told us this after she had walked us through the house to “explain” a few things. Only, later we found out that [...]