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February 2010

Lil’ Donette

When we were considering names for Marlo and had nailed the list down to a solid four candidates, I always imagined that if we did name her Marlo I’d get to talk about my two kids, Lee and Lo. Maybe that’s just the liberal arts major in me, daydreaming about the alliterative qualities of my [...]

Plungerhead Zinfandel

Jon keeps bugging me to start a wine diary, and I keep telling him that because I know absolutely nothing about wine it would look like this: WINE GOOD! or WINE BAD! or YOU NOT WANT MAKE WINE ANGRY! But it’s definitely something I want to learn more about once I get myself some of [...]

Tech support

Oh, the gadgetry. Here Jon is speaking with Ben Brown from XOXCO through Skype about some recent upgrades we made to the community section. Remember when we used to use a phone plugged into the wall? Is this really a simpler solution?

Early birds

I have mentioned before that Marlo has an internal clock that goes off at exactly 5:30AM every morning, never a minute before, never a minute after. Here’s where I could refer to her as a turd, but hey, that’s pretty damn consistent. A good quality in a human being. Add that to her other amazing [...]

He spins right round

Next up: parachute pants and blue eyeliner. And shoulder pads. And J.R. Ewing. OMG, half of you were born AFTER those references.


Santa brought Marlo this giant plastic contraption for Christmas, something Jon and I refer to as The Babysitter when we need two free hands to make a meal or strangle one another because SOMEONE IS DOING IT WRONG, and her attitude toward it takes one of two forms: 1) LOVES IT! 2) I’M DYING, I’M [...]


(Imagine me, cat-like, hanging from the ceiling by all four paws, my entire bloodstream filled with shots of espresso. Like, a demonic Garfield! Meowsies!) Today is a hugely super dooperly enormous day here at the Blurbodoocery, one where everyone is running around slapping duct tape up here and over there, hoping that the energy emanating [...]

Currently working on…

Tomorrow morning I’m hosting the keynote breakfast at the Altitude Design Summit here in Salt Lake City where I will be sharing the stage with people I consider to be visionary superstars: Jean Aw of NotCot, Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy. You’re probably wondering why a mommyblogger is anywhere within [...]

Seven months

Giggles and smiles and MA MA MA MA MA. An alarm clock that goes off in her head every morning at 5:30 AM sharp. A need to shove everything into her mouth. A preference for magazine pages that I have to dig out of her cheeks. Squealing at her own reflection. Joy in the form [...]