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Today it’s snowing and then raining and then snowing again. Utah can’t make up it’s mind. Like, which wife do I sleep with tonight?

Featured community question with accompanying regional differences

Today’s featured question comes from user wishfullthinking: Since I grew up in the South and was raised by two very proper, Southern parents, I wasn’t ever to refer to a woman as anything else. It was YES, MA’AM. NO MA’AM. WHATEVER YOU WANT, MA’AM. Same thing with Sir. It was a way of showing respect [...]


Someone is mobile! And some other people are screwed!

Early morning light

This is the corner of our office where light from the rising sun pops through the east-facing window. The dogs usually park themselves here after breakfast. It’s a nice, quiet fifteen minutes until Coco hears a leaf blowing in the wind and runs barking into the other room. And both Jon and I explode with [...]

Figuring it out

Internet, can I talk to you about something and not have you walk away thinking I’m more of a freak than you ever gave me credit for? Yes, my second toe is longer than my big toe, so much in fact that I could hire it out as the villain in your nightmares, but this [...]


We has such incredible weather this weekend, and the tulips in the neighbor’s yard are glorious. Please, Utah. I’ll braid all your wives’ hair just to get to summer without another snowstorm.


It’s the end of the season, and by the time next winter rolls around Leta will be too big to wear this coat. Hell if we’re going to let it go unused in the meantime.

When anything bad happens, I blame Apple

It’s no surprise to anyone that Jon pre-ordered an iPad the moment it was announced that they would be available. Last week it arrived, and I haven’t seen him since. I am not kidding. You think I am exaggerating. I do that a lot, yes, I will admit to dabbling in that practice from time [...]


Despite recent snowstorms, our forsythia bush is plugging away. Chuck really wanted you to know this.

Celebrating tax day

Sooooooo. Yeah. TAXES! Don’t know about you, but tonight we’re going to be pouring a stiff one. My friend Kate shared the most amazing gin and tonic recipe that it just might replace bourbon on the rocks as my favorite drink. You can use the gin of your choice, but we just discovered Hendrick’s, and [...]