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Cut and color

It was long overdue for another seasonal grooming, or as you can see from Chuck’s expression: it’s BUSINESS TIME.

Tomu and Bobo

Last weekend we had several members of Jon’s family over for dinner including one of his twin nephews Tomu who got a little enamored of Marlo. She turned it on, too, like she was on a Broadway stage. I think it’s time for he and his girlfriend Beth to sit down and do a little [...]

In the running towards becoming

Now that I have picked myself up off the floor… Yesterday I spent several hours at Canoe Studios on 26th street in Manhattan for a photo shoot that will appear in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens. It was straight out of a movie or television show, exactly what you’d think a bright [...]

An eBay find

We always adopt dogs who match our mid-century furniture. And stand there creepily staring off into nothingness.

An affair to remember

This hotel room in New York is about two feet by two feet, but the view… yeah. Worth it.

Keynote speaker, Diego, domestic cat

And so begins another week, one that started as usual: panic, rushing around, trying to find very important things that got lost in the move, and asking Leta over and over again to use her inside voice. Guys, I promised I would never use those words together: inside voice. It’s so patronizing and gross and [...]

Back porch, an August afternoon

The apricots are here! The apricots are here! Literally, hundreds of millions of them. I have no idea what the hell we’re going to do with all of them except try to pawn them off on family and neighbors and maybe add some killer fiber to our diets. Here’s where the Mormon in me is [...]


Marlo has been making this face quite frequently in the past few days. Not sure if she’s upset, teething, or bracing for the flash of the camera. Although I know for sure she made this face that one time she crawled into the bathroom while I was, ahem, occupying said space, and she was all, [...]

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