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The stamina of Chuck Schuldiner

Yesterday I was commiserating with another mother about the temperament of our infants who are close in age, although her son doesn’t seem to have as much trouble as Marlo does with teething. I’ve mentioned this before, but when a tooth starts to poke its way through her gum she is inconsolable and sits on [...]

Breakfast nook

We’ve been eating off of old Mormon Church tables that the previous owner left behind until the table we ordered finally arrived for the breakfast nook. For a while there it felt like we were sitting down to eat refreshments at a wedding reception being held in the gymnasium of the church, but only Mormons [...]

My first grader

During our family photo shoot Leta’s transitional lenses started to darken because of the light, so I had her take her glasses off for a few shots so that we could get a good shot of her eyes. I think it worked.

Office remodel, episode two

This should surprise no one except for maybe the two people who just googled CONSTIPATED WALRUS BALL and pulled up this website for the first time that Jon has spent the last ten days researching the gravy out of how to use all his new video equipment. Also, we’ve been to therapy since the last [...]

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