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This one did not end well

The good thing is that I am a master when it comes to super glue, and the plate only broke into several hundred pieces. Old man is getting sloppy with age, but he is forgiven. This wasn’t exactly his idea.

Dancing in the kitchen

Unfortunately, she gets her moves from her mother and father. Who got their moves from Bill Cosby.

The powder room

One of the main reasons we bought this house other than the giant space for the office was the renovation done on all the bathrooms. Everything in every bathroom had been demolished and rebuilt, and we didn’t have to lift a finger or get divorced in the process. Also, everything was done quite beautifully. All [...]

Purple people eater

This is the outfit I wore when Jon and I went out together last week. I was feeling Springish (even though there’s a blizzard outside my window right now), hence the color. Both the necklace (seen before here) and the dress are from a local boutique. The sweater is Old Navy, the tights are Vera [...]

The dinner ritual

See if you can spot when she says, “Coco, Chuck,” and “one, two, three, four,” and “Grandma.” OF COURSE SHE SAYS GRANDMA.


Salt Lake experienced a rare warm day last week, so I took Marlo on an early evening walk. She loves nothing more than being outside. Well, that’s not entirely true. She really likes to yank Leta’s glasses off of her face. She could take that act on the road. I caught the sun going down [...]

My man of style

Last week Jon and I got to spend some time out together, all gussied up with our smell goods on. Here he’s wearing a scarf my mother got him for Christmas, a maroon sweater I got him for Christmas, pants from Banana Republic, shoes from DSW (Cole Haan), and an awesome French Connection coat his [...]

New Tunes Tuesday

Yeah! This is a new feature, or something. Maybe I’m just really excited about some new music I heard recently. And now, maybe you’re the victim! Let’s call it CSI:BLOG. You guys, I have a lot of new music to share with you. And the thing is, the thing is, if you knew of this [...]

If only this website had Smell-O-Vision

So that you could truly appreciate what it’s like to be hit in the face with a Chuck Fart. Just imagine taking a bath in a soup of rotten eggs and curdled milk. Multiply that by a hundred and then double it. NOT COOL, OLD MAN. NOT COOL.

Trolley Square

A brand new and enormous Whole Foods opened next to a downtown mall called Trolley Square last week, and we waited a few days for the hubbub to die down before we checked it out. But the hubbub had not died down at all, and it was like a summer afternoon at Disneyland except with [...]