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New Tunes – James Blake

I am so glad that I am not single and waiting around for the phone to ring because he said he would call AND HE HASN’T. Because I would be listening to this song on repeat, wallowing, staring at the phone trying to will it into ringing. And then it would, except it would be [...]

For Mother’s Day

Anna from Anna Bee Jewelry sent me this delicate necklace personalized with my daughters’ names, a sample from her beautiful collection. I love its simplicity and have been wearing it all week, meaning Marlo has tried over and over again to yank it off of my neck. Jon needs to order one of these for [...]

The hunt

My friend Cami took this photo on Sunday during the Easter egg hunt, and I wanted to share it with you because I’m smiling! WHEEE! No, seriously. Thank you. Thank you for what you said yesterday. It means a lot to me.