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And, whoa

The camera on the iPhone 4S is as spectacular as the fact that a rose is blooming in our yard at the end of October.

New Tunes – When Saints Go Machine

This is a four-man electro-pop group from Copenhagen. I can’t find much information on the band, but I guess it doesn’t matter when this music is this damn fun. Here’s the video for the same song:


This morning I grabbed the camera and just walked around the house looking for inspiration. Not that this is any surprise to me, but I am so drawn to this color that it appears in almost every room of the house. It’s my go-to color for decor. For me it is the hippo of color. [...]

Tub buddy

Chuck saw me with the camera in the girls’ bathroom and was like, oh! This is where we’re working today. Cool. I’ll just pretend that I’m sitting here protecting Marlo. How’s the light? Do I look fat?

I eat deductibles for breakfast

Ok, where were we. Right. I’m lying in bed last night, my right foot elevated and covered in an ice pack when I realize OH MY GOD, there is an entire other half of my body that I could potentially screw up! A left hip and a left ankle! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME ALONE [...]

Drug buds

Chuck kindly holds my 200mg liqui-gels until I need another round to combat the inflammation in my ankle. In return he gets peanut butter. I think he’s got the better end of this deal.

Run buds

There is so much awesome in this photo. Here I am with my friend Stacia about a half hour before the race. Look at her grin. How can you not love life with that grin around? And that dashing young man photo-bombing the pic. He looks like he’s about to break out some mad poetry.

I am an orthopedic nightmare

You know I’m just making up these injuries, right? I need content for my blog. It’s the same with the kids. Leta and Marlo don’t actually exist. I make up the stories, and the kids in the photos are actors. When we hired Leta we were like SCORE, because how much does that kid look [...]


We don’t ever go balls out when it comes to Halloween decorations — no scary witch mannequins in the yard or gravestones next to the front door — but I generally try to do something subtle, maybe a few pumpkins and squashes in the center of the table. This year I’ll probably grab a few [...]

Finish line

This was the backdrop at the finish of the race on Sunday. I doubt there is a route surrounded by as much natural beauty as this one and would encourage any runner who hasn’t ever been to Utah to try it out.