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And the flippers? Darling.

I had no idea bodyboarding was so badass, but after watching this I think I’m in love. Such a gorgeous piece of work, and I won’t ever comprehend how they shot some of that footage. Wait for it at 1:28. I think I just figured out the next bullet point on my life list. There [...]

Do you care about men’s prostates?

Today is the last day of Movember, a month in which men grow mustaches in an effort to bring awareness to the issue of prostate cancer. I personally prefer men with facial hair, and I don’t really mind Jon’s artistic interpretation. Except that it’s not a beard and it rips up my face. We all [...]


Fifteen minutes in front of this thing every morning during the winter is supposed to boost my mood. Last winter was so hectic I forgot to use it, but the year before that I noticed a difference. Keeping my fingers crossed and feeling Smurfy.