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Eye roller

Last night after everyone finished dinner, we sat around the table and talked about our days. Yes, we still do this, but not because we love our children and want them to have warm memories. No. We do this so that I can write about it here and exploit the idea of parenthood for cash! [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

“I’d like to generate map tiles that give you that same dizzy feeling you get when you look down at a city at night, from an airplane. We’ve spent so long fussing over the relentless details in cartography that we’ve sort of forgotten what things (should) look like at a distance.” Aaaaand… he nailed it. [...]

Ho Ho Humbug

This was one disturbingly sedate Santa Claus. He just sat there and didn’t even ask the girls what they wanted for Christmas. So I stood a few feet away and shout-whispered, “TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT. GO ON. DO IT. DO IT.” Marlo mumbled gibberish and Leta refused to open her mouth. THAT’S how you [...]