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Tuesday’s Top Pick

This week I actually own the top pick: the Rich Turquoise Deerskin Leather Wrap Bracelet ($25) and the Black Leather Braided Wrap Cord Bracelet with Gold Clasp ($23) from the Sand in the Sky Etsy shop. (I got the other bracelet from Express, I think?) Maggie and I were out on Friday night when some [...]

West of the Wasatch

Preparing for landing into SLC. I was supposed to stow all electronic equipment, but no one puts dooce in a corner.


Oh, hey. Hi there! Remember last week when I wrote on my Internet Website Blog Thing about suicidal ideations? Yeah. Those were fun times. No? Not really? What, did my mom call you? MOMS. We really know how to ruin a good party. I had someone write to tell me to stop whining, and I’m [...]

Christmas Card

I’ll tried to get one with Leta and Coco, The World’s Most Unlikely Pair, but Leta was too busy rolling her eyes. This one will do.

Colors of the season

I realized I haven’t posted anything about the holiday season yet, and Christmas is less than two weeks away. Did I ever tell you how I played Scrooge in a 7th grade play? A Scrooge with a very Southern accent and bony elbows. It was a huge hit.

Give em whiplash

Maggie: “Her name is Nicki Min-EYE.” Helen Jane: “?????” Maggie: “I heard her pronounce it that way.” Me: “Maggie, I’m pretty sure it’s Nicki Min-AHHHJJJ.” Helen Jane: [staying out of this, staying out of this, staying out of this] Me: “Here, wait. Let me find that Kanye song where she rhymes it with MENAGE.” Maggie: [...]


We were about to land at SFO when I looked out the window and noticed this little guy hanging out over there. About a hundred feet from the ground our airplane pulled back up into the air. “Air Traffic Control says we’re a little too close to other incoming traffic. We’ll, uh… need to circle [...]

City by the bay

Yesterday I flew to San Francisco to spend some long overdue time with a friend. We’ve known each other since Leta was born and have only once in those more than seven years hung out without it being centered around work. I could tell you what we did last night to celebrate, but then I’d [...]


It’s been a month since I ran that marathon, and while my foot has mostly healed my left knee is not forgiving me. “Heather,” it whines when I when I walk down a flight of stairs. “Remember at mile 14 when I told you I wasn’t up for that shit? And you played it like [...]

For those who doubted the hair

I’m thinking this was taken when I was a senior in high school circa 1993. All that curl is natural which makes a good case for my hair being even crazier than I am. And, yes. That is the Avon World Sales Leader. Woman could work the shit out of a brooch.