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Dimple dee do

No I do not ever call her that in a high-pitched voice while hugging and squeezing her because she is so cute. I am way cooler than that. I do it in a Mr. T voice.


I’m just sitting here stunned after watching this.

The sun!

The sun! The sun is out! Meaning Chuck can perch in his favorite spot of the office, soak every moment of it in, and reenact the explicit lyrics to an R. Kelly song.

After the storm

I always admire the strength of the blooms on trees to withstand the constant beating they receive from the weather in Utah. It has to be their pioneer blood.

Connecting in Memphis

Text message to my cousin while Jon and I are at the airport in Memphis on a layover: “I JUST RAN INTO MY BOYFRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL.” Her response: “Of course you would!” Yes, I even text in all caps, but come on. That one called for it. In fact, I can see a few [...]


The look on his face is the one he makes when he wants us to know that when he goes missing later IT WILL BE ON PURPOSE.


On Sunday the sun came out in the early evening and we almost lost our minds. All of us hit the driveway for some physical activity, and bless her heart. Let’s put it this way: I think I’ll just get Leta a book about basketball. She’d like that better.

New Tunes – James Blake

I am so glad that I am not single and waiting around for the phone to ring because he said he would call AND HE HASN’T. Because I would be listening to this song on repeat, wallowing, staring at the phone trying to will it into ringing. And then it would, except it would be [...]

For Mother’s Day

Anna from Anna Bee Jewelry sent me this delicate necklace personalized with my daughters’ names, a sample from her beautiful collection. I love its simplicity and have been wearing it all week, meaning Marlo has tried over and over again to yank it off of my neck. Jon needs to order one of these for [...]

The hunt

My friend Cami took this photo on Sunday during the Easter egg hunt, and I wanted to share it with you because I’m smiling! WHEEE! No, seriously. Thank you. Thank you for what you said yesterday. It means a lot to me.