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New Tunes – The National

The National are by no means a new band, and their last album Boxer fared both criticially and commercially well. Back in May 2010 they released a new LP called High Violet and I love, love, love this one even more. The first video from the new album is for “Bloodbuzz Ohio” and is pretty [...]


Just fooling around to jump start my creativity, and WHOA. You guys, that chair is $7,000. THE? THE?! It better come with a house and a boat for that price.

A sing-along

One of the biggest obstacles up against Leta practicing piano is Marlo. When she hears a single note being played she will run to get in on the action and then scream when one of us drags her away. I hope this means she’ll want to take up lessons when she’s old enough. But in [...]

For all my sisters

Instead of writing commentary on what has happened in the last year of my life, I thought I’d dedicate my birthday to my final thoughts on what I learned in Bangladesh and show you the collection of pictures I’ve been saving for last. I will make this as least earnest as I possibly can and [...]

One of his first baths

I thought I’d break out a vintage Chuck in honor of my birthday. We had at the time what was supposedly a pretty high-end digital camera, but nine years later? Our phones take better pictures. We couldn’t ever get a still shot of this guy. This is one of the few that isn’t blurry.


Again, I don’t own any of these items. BUT IF I DID, this is what I’d be wearing tonight when Jon takes me out for my birthday. Right, Jon? You’re taking me out. You have it all planned and everything, right? Good. Because that would suck for you if you don’t.

When I was approximately Marlo’s age

And today I’m 36.

Because it’s been too long

How about a post about boobs? Yeah? YEAH. When I was in sixth grade I weighed about sixty pounds soaking wet. My elbows and knees poked out in comical directions, my hipbones dangerously sharp. I have a body I inherited from my father who at six-feet tall weighed 130 pounds for the first forty years [...]


UGH. You guys, I found the dogs nipping at an injured mouse in the backyard this morning. Jon told me to kill it, UM. NO. And once I had the dogs back in the house it was able to scurry away. Now I cannot get the dogs away from the back door. Consequently, there is [...]

Starving artist

I say starving because she’s going through that phase where she doesn’t want to eat anything. And since I already lived through this phase with Leta, I know to lay off and not force anything. I’m just holding out hope that she isn’t as picky as Leta when it comes to food and that she [...]