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Twenty six point two

First, this: Christy Turlington Burns To Run ING New York City Marathon to Increase Awareness and Support for Maternal & Child Health Joined by a Team of 9 including Influential Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong and CEO of Lifeway Foods Julie Smolyanksy, the team runs to raise money for Every Mother Counts NEW YORK- (September 15, [...]

Intended for mature audiences

I got a request to post a photo of Chuck without a modesty patch. Let’s just say that it could be much, much worse.

Separation of

I sometimes run with a friend who lives near the capital, and I want to kick myself for driving by it a couple of weeks ago and not stopping to take a photo of the giant sign in front of it that usually reads STATE OF UTAH. Because someone had come along with a can [...]

New Tunes – The Kooks

These guys are a four-piece indie pop band from Brighton, England, and that fact alone means that had they been around when I was in college I would have plastered their posters all over my walls. They released a new album called Junk of the Heart a couple of days ago, and this song is [...]

Design*Sponge at Home

It’s finally been released into the world! Grace Bonney, founder of the wildly successful blog Design*Sponge, put together this incredible 400-page resource…

Reading all the comments

Taking his side in the milk expiration misunderstanding. Look, I understand that SELL BY is just a suggestion and you should do a smell test, whatever. Five days after? NUH UH. I don’t care if it smells like baby unicorn breath, that shit is getting tossed.


Jon reaches into the refrigerator and grabs the gallon of skim milk. I’m standing two feet away over a pan of eggs, a blood red spatula in my hand. Out of the corner of my eye I can see him sniff the top of the carton, pause, and then sniff it again. Because within two [...]

From another angle

This is another perspective of Chuck’s fun with the peanut butter, and I think I like this one better. It looks almost religious. (Deligious!)

Eons ago

I stumbled on some old archives of photos and found this shot I took two years ago of Jon holding Marlo right before we boarded a flight to Los Angeles. I want to show the 30-year-old Jon this photo to let him know that not only would he have kids one day, he’d be the [...]

Stunt poetry

Stunning. This was a deep breath that I desperately needed to take today.