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Rabbit hole

Where have all the years gone? I keep thinking I’m going to find them at the bottom of a closet under a pile of shoes, some abstract piece of art representing the time that has passed. Because although I’m wiser, more sure-footed, I don’t feel the distance that I thought I would feel at this [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

There is so much to love about these scarves: they’re handmade, they’re inexpensive, and most importantly they wouldn’t trigger my claustrophobia. Sometimes when I’m wearing scarves I start to freak out and think that my windpipe is closing up, like suddenly it’s a snake and it’s preparing its prey for dinner. I am not on [...]

The couch game

This game is complicated, so pay attention: lie flat on your stomach and lean over until you fall off the couch onto your head. The concussion is worth it.