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Last week life whipped out the shotgun that it keeps in the pantry next to the broom and, after a few too many cans of cheap beer, waved it around a little too close to my head. I’d say, hey, don’t point that thing at me, and life would say, really? Like this? And next [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

I am a sucker for watercolor (bullet point on my life list is to take a water color class and not fail it). I love the humor in these animal portraits, as if each one were actually posing for a camera. These would go great together along a hallway, each animal greeting you in a [...]


I was walking through a building on the University of Utah campus with my camera and without stopping I stuck my arm out behind my back and snapped this shot. A study in geometry.

Hair, day twenty three

Oh look. Yet another striped shirt. I’M KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES.