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Marlo sleeps with seven stuffed animals. Seven. If one of those seven goes missing, well… let’s just say that Chuck better get used to sleeping in a crib.

Holiday road

Hardly anyone was out on the roads this morning because of the holiday, including snow plows. It’s a wet snow and I took a turn a little too wide and ended up perched on a curb. Luckily no one was around to see how many awkward maneuvers it took to get the car back on [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- For your cold January afternoon, a tribute to summer. – Lettermon – Classic (and not so classic) Album Covers in Clipart and Comic Sans – The Best Movie Posters of 2011 – Photos of dogs diving. – According to Tyrant, this is entirely spot on. – Look in the Saturday column down around the [...]

Camera shy

“Take my pitchur, show it to me, k?” Yes, Master.


Those antlers are actually really heavy so I only made him sit like this overnight.

This was the noise you heard last night

In all the reading I’ve done about IT band syndrome, the one therapy that keeps coming up is the foam roller. More technically, it is “a self-myofascial release technique to improve soft tissue extensibility.” I just got hot and bothered typing that. Self-myofascial? Yes, please. I bought this monster when I was training for the [...]


Chuck is not going to let Coco get away with the limelight. (Upper right hand corner for those scratching their heads.)


I was driving Leta to school when she pointed out the window and said, “Mom! There’s the moon! How can we see it in the daytime?” I gave her my best guess, that it was still in a part of the sky not yet too bright with sunlight. That seemed to satisfy her, but had [...]

For your hump day

Say what you will about pop music and Beyoncé in general, but you cannot watch this and be in a foul mood afterward. Just not possible.

Wanting to trade places

He hates the cold, and she’d like to live outside. Hard knock lives for these two, especially when you consider their suffering is being exploited on the Internet for money.