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Hair, day forty-six

Welcome, rubberneckers, to the egomaniacal, narcissistic, bipolar meltdown you have been promised would happen by the hate sites! (It’s too bad they aren’t on my payroll, because HOO, the pageviews) To tell you the truth, even I can’t wait to watch this train wreck happen because when my brain explodes all those Skittles in there [...]

Partner in sadness

He agreed to hold my tissues in case I start crying. Which is all the time.


She wrote a story about courage, about overcoming her fear and getting on a scary ride at Disneyland. But that story is about so much more than just that ride. And the last line is so true: “My mom was so proud of me.”

“Go on Sunday morning. There aren’t any lines.”

My friend Kate sent me an email last week and suggested we make a Shit Non Mormons Say When Living in Utah video. If either of us had the time to do so, it would sound a lot like this (almost all of these are her suggestions): “Yes, you can buy alcohol here.” “Yes, you [...]

To the west

Another metaphor. Sunset view from a plane.

Cream’s the word

Oh, look. I’m still posting pictures of Cami, my best friend, she who has been more supportive of me during this horrific time than anyone else in my life. And some of you object to this. If you are in that group I have a couple of suggestions for you. One, don’t look at her [...]

30 Rock

No Liz Lemon sightings, and I didn’t get up early enough to stand outside and see Matt Lauer or Ann Curry. So the building itself made do. We shared a bagel.


ATTENTION: Sponsored content ahead. Again, for those who object, you get to sleep on my couch. For those who don’t, you get to come over and swim in the pool of ALL MY MONEY! So. Levi’s® approached me a while ago and asked if I’d like to build an outfit around a new line of [...]

Awwww, look out

In honor of some of the recent comments I’ve read about how people are feeling about me: this song.

No sleep

A leisurely walk across the bridge into Brooklyn. Wherein almost every exposed body part froze, broke off and floated away in the East River.