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Stuff I found while looking around

- I love love love these prints of states illustrated according to the pattern and colors of their respective state birds. – I totally agree. This is the best commercial I’ve seen all year. – Also, AMAZING CAT VIDEO. – Forward slash. – One Tiny Hand – Barack Obama and sign language: Last week after [...]

Popcorn popping

The apricot tree in the backyard is blooming. And now all you Mormons have that damn song stuck in your head! Hee hee!

All Black

A strange white bird chose my doorstep as the place it wanted to spend its last few hours alive, and now Cami is wearing a black cape. Is witchery contagious? Maybe I should have washed my hands more when I was in Salem. Cape: F21 Black blouse: H&M Black jeans: Urban Outfitters Black Heels: Urban [...]