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The canines on this guy!

Leta and I got to inspect a table covered with various skulls at the museum on Sunday, and we were both too mesmerized by the teeth on this one to figure out what animal it used to belong to. But, guys! SKULLS! My formerly sensory sensitive daughter had her hands all over this thing! I [...]

I’m writing this inside a confessional

Do you believe in God? Karma? What about witches? Ghosts? How about signs? Do you believe in signs? I’m sorry, do I need to give you more time to think? Is it none of my business? Have any of you answered out loud yet? Nodded? Shrugged? Sent me a Facebook message telling me to reconnect [...]


Marlo recently discovered “Go, Diego, Go!” which, FINE. Whatever. I will take that over the Barney Christmas special that she has been watching for four months straight. I’m like, MARLO. There is no Christmas in March. The point is, when she wants to watch it she says, “Go weh-go. I want Go weh-go.” If anyone [...]

Indian Mini

I don’t know… I think this one needs more color. Indian dress: Vintage Sunnies: Vintage, similar here Blue heels: H&M, similar here Pink clutch: old, similar here Pink ring: LarkinAndLarkin (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

That fad diet I’ve been on for almost a year

Some of you recently asked me if I’m still on that weird/crazy/stupid diet I talked about last year (here and here), and hey. Listen. Paleolithic humans were not stupid, you guys. They just didn’t have tractors to plow fields of grain. They didn’t even have tennis shoes. So cut them some slack, okay? Without them [...]


Sorry, I don’t care how talented you are, you could never win a staring contest with this dog. Or convince him to give a shit about anything other than his alone time.

Sunday at the museum

Leta and I had a date with Utah’s natural history. I want to thank all those fossils and dinosaurs and rocks and salt formations for giving me one of the most incredible days I’ve ever spent with my daughter.

Look at what I did

Last week I posted a horribly embarrassing harmless photo of my brother and me from 1993 to celebrate his 40th birthday. Did I hope that someone from his work would see it? And maybe pass it around to a few other people because NO WAY IS THAT RANGER? The boy in that photo has HAIR! [...]


Yesterday I took Leta to buy some new sneakers, and after thirty minutes of trying on ones covered in glitter and ones with a built-in ballet rotating thing that, HOLY GOD, they are putting built-in ballet rotating things in kids’ shoes! People. This shit is crazy. Jesus wore homemade sandals and he turned out pretty [...]

Snakey Stripes

Below you will see that Cami has referred to sunglasses as “Sunnies.” I hung out with her this weekend so I made a dramatic gagging noise into her ear on behalf of all of us. Sunnies: ASOS Stripe shirt: Thrifted Leather jacket: Vintage Snake leggings: H&M Black boots: Urban Outfitters Studded belt: F21 Bag: Vintage [...]