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New Tunes – Beach House

I’ve got a sore throat with a fever and chills and an ache in my neck that stretches all the way to my lower back, so I’m lying here for a bit with the covers over my head listening to this track called “Myth” off of the new Beach House album called Bloom: They are [...]


This is my friend Kate’s dog, Buddy. He’s a twelve or thirteen-year-old black lab (I hope she forgives me for not knowing his exact age). He’s completely deaf now, but he’s still incredibly loyal and tender with kids. He also hasn’t ever touched any of the chickens. It’s like, if a dog could be Mormon, [...]

My little not helper

I won’t go into the laborious details of why there are huge dry patches in the backyard and whose fault it is because I’m trying very hard to be a good neighbor. I don’t leave Coco out to bark all day, I don’t host loud parties, and I certainly don’t accidentally cut people’s sprinkler lines [...]