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Yeah, Marlo is still in those pajamas. Listen. I’m saving the earth by using less laundry detergent. Next question.

Forever West

What was supposed to have been a seven-hour drive to the northern side of Wyoming turned

Cute in Cody

What you can’t see from this angle is the wide open back of her shirt.

Sister cousin wives

Marlo made fast friends with my cousin’s daughter Sheyna, and the Mormon/Southern jokes started flying when they grabbed each other’s hands. I was just happy nobody was giving me a hard time that I left Marlo in her pajamas all day long.


Yes, my eight-year-old watches TV and plays video games and I routinely feast on her brain for dinner. But she also likes to pretend she’s a wizard, and one afternoon last week she spent an hour putting together “potions” in the backyard. This specific one (those are unripe apricots on the right) was supposed to [...]

New Tunes – Tanlines

These guys are an electronic/indie duo (Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm, heavily referencing the Eighties) from Brooklyn and they recently released their first album back in March. The song “Nonesuch” is the closing track and my favorite of all eleven, and not just because it is so achingly beautiful. You can hear so many influences [...]


Marlo rolled this toy across the room to me, and when I put it on Chuck’s snout her eyes got really big. She clapped and gasped, “HE’S STHO STHPECIAL!” Yesth. Yesth he isth.

Guard dog

Tyrant’s friend Dane originally bought this shirt for Chuck and I have no idea how it ended up in Marlo’s wardrobe, but there it is. Last night my niece babysat the kids while I went to a concert, and this morning Marlo was still in this shirt. When I turned on her light she stood [...]

That van down there by the river

Hello, this is your captain speaking: the following is an administrative post to let you know that I have the very tip of my nose above water and that’s just about it. The rest of my body is frozen in a motionless state underneath the surface. Little fish are nipping at my fingers and toes, [...]

Road trips

It’s that season of the year when everyone piles into the car and is both sunburned and covered in sunscreen (that will then coat the seats and windows). I saw a giant swath of Utah over the weekend. And later this week I’ll see even more on the way to Wyoming. Thanks, Brigham, for discovering [...]