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Stuff I found while looking around

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012, ‘Key & Peele’ have fun with football intros.


“I guess it’s finally fall and it’s getting colder which means I have to wear pants or jeans. I have a really hard time with this …”

Little scientist

Marlo hasn’t experienced any separation anxiety when we drop her off at preschool. Instead she marches in and starts playing with all the various toys…

They only come out at night

I’m pretty sure there’s an entire paragraph in The Book of Revelation about this whole scenario.

New Tunes – Grizzly Bear

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with Grizzly Bear, but I couldn’t resist featuring their new album Shields.

Phone home

He looks like E.T. hiding in that closet with all those stuffed animals. You remember that scene?

One last gasp

There is a row of bushes outside Marlo’s preschool in full bloom right now.

Wherein I do not mention earthquakes or nuclear war

I’m brushing Leta’s hair after her shower when she bites her lower lip, slowly looks up at me and asks, “Mom? Can tornados happen at night?”

The better to hear you with

Dude could paraglide with those things.

Random quote from my music library

“It’s hard to come by, I confess. I’m bad at this thing, happiness. If you find it, share it with the rest of us.”