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Yesterday while I was out I ran across a stuffed puppy and could not resist bringing it home to Marlo. Okay. Lie. I ran across two stuffed puppies. When I got home I held them behind my back, but she could see the foot of one of the puppies peeking out and OH MY GOD [...]

Fire drill

The last three days have been a clumsy stumble through my thoughts and over my feet, and suddenly I’m gripped with almost paralyzing fear. I expected to feel profound sadness, but I didn’t know I’d get this scared. Fear over absolutely nothing and then everything all at once. It’s like a scene in a movie [...]


Would you look at that dumb dog back there contributing nothing to this trick other than the beautiful markings on her face. Chuck has to pull the weight for both of them, poor guy. He’s going to need her help when I try to balance the fridge between his eyes.


You can see that the untidy WTF hair is a bit of a family trait. Don’t worry, Marlo. At least we’re all pretty decent spellers!

Does anyone know how I can make Papyrus my default font?

Of all the videos in this meme, this one is gunning to be my favorite.

Back to basics

Chuck, the Internet needs you. We need you.


Leta handled being out in the snow for about six minutes. We had to drag this one inside because she had been out there so long her lips started turning blue. And my, aren’t her hands huge?

Pasty white Canadian farm boy comfort food

Saturday night I hosted house guests plus a couple of more friends for dinner. Well, let me back up a second. Pardon me if my brain seems addled, I’m a bit dehydrated from watering the bathroom floor with my eyes. If only it were covered with plants! My friends Ryan and Cole from Florida and [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

There’s not much in this world cuter than a little kid in a crocheted hat. Okay, maybe kittens and puppies and pandas who sneeze and penguins holding hands and hedgehogs who snore. WHATEVER, CUTE THINGS. This comes really close. 1. Cartoon Rabbit Handmade Crocheted Children Hat $12.99 2. Cartoon Owl Handmade Crocheted Children Hat $12.99 [...]

Reaching up

After an unrelenting snowstorm, the skies cleared and our apricot tree was still stretching up toward the blue.