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Fort Funston

This recreation area allows off-leash dogs.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.

Uptown on the 1

Suddenly the obsessive use of hand sanitizer makes a lot of sense.

Adventures with wildlife continued

I am very thankful that this is not about a dead bird on my doorstep or a rattlesnake.

His facebook profile picture

At least it’s not the photo I got of him picking his nose.

A preview

Four eyes are better than two.

New Tunes – Tegan and Sara

Our favorite set of twins from Calgary are back.

Cuddling with Kato

There are no laws against snuggling with your cousin.


I like big beards and I cannot lie.

Bright lights, big city

I am going to set up a Yelp account so that I can review other Yelp accounts.