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With herding dogs, the training never stops. And never works.

All on their faces

In which my kids swap personalities for a photograph.

May showers

Starring Tom Cruise as the hero who reverses global warming and saves the earth.

Destination library

One day she will learn to read but right now she’s too busy being a normal kid.

Chuck’s lookbook

He finds inspiration in art, architecture, travel and other dogs’ butts.

Where did she go?

Her DNA is kicking in, and we’re watching it happen from day to day.

New Tunes – Young Galaxy

A hypnotic Canadian band that I have to turn down before Leta gets out of the car.

Only thing missing is some sweet tea

Letting him have his favorite part of the day.

Hang in there!

This should replace that inspirational poster of that pathetic kitten.

Grandmother and mothers and daughters

I will forgive them for not making me a hot dog.