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New Tunes – Future Islands

Yet another band who calls Baltimore home. These guys are mostly new wave synthpop BLAH BLAH BLAH whatever. Doesn’t matter. This song called “Balance” makes me indescribably happy. It’s off of their most recent album called On the Water. And you can clean around the wound But if you want it to heal It just [...]

Thank you, Dr. Internet

Last week’s virus that sealed my throat shut luckily lasted only a few days. Normally, a sickness like that would have knocked me out…

Stuff I found while looking around

- A Ring of Fire: The 2012 Annular Eclipse – Robin Gibb, a tribute in words and music – What would happen if all of the water on or near the surface of the Earth were bunched up into a ball? – 10 Rockabilly Batman Sketches: Batman Reimagined In The ’50s – Where children sleep. [...]

“I also despise whistlers”

Leta is reading a book in her room after school. Side note: on a recent trip to the library she checked out six books and read all of them within two days. Yes, I’m bragging. Wanna arm wrestle? You’ll probably beat me, but that doesn’t matter. Because my kid is still a better reader than [...]

Fever, chills, and masculine bedding

Today is the third day in a row where I feel like I am swallowing razors, but Dr. Google assures me that this isn’t strep throat. I assessed all my symptoms, and what I’m experiencing is most likely just some virus and I’m not about to pay $90 to have my doctor tell me to [...]

New Tunes – Beach House

I’ve got a sore throat with a fever and chills and an ache in my neck that stretches all the way to my lower back, so I’m lying here for a bit with the covers over my head listening to this track called “Myth” off of the new Beach House album called Bloom: They are [...]

Noise ordinance

My alarm goes off at 6:45 AM, and with my eyes still closed I reflexively reach over, fumble around the detritus on my nightstand until I find the monitor. I click the button to turn it on only to hear Marlo in the middle of shouting, “MMMOOOOHHMMM!” And then I can hear it through her [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- Designtripper: Aside from showcasing indie/boutique/family-owned/design/artist-designed hotels, motels, inns, B&Bs, lodges, ryokans, riads, hostels, treehouses and, yes, even tricked-out tents and campervans, designtripper also focuses on the speedily growing network of for-rent vacation homes, apartment, villas, and haciendas. – Bonkers Russian gymnastics video – 48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old – Fifty Shades of [...]

An interstellar burst

A couple of weeks ago my brother and I agreed to meet at a sushi restaurant for lunch. A few hours beforehand he texted me to make sure our plans were still firm: (Putting it “in” my website. HOLY SHIT I SEXTED MY BROTHER.) We ordered a ton of bait, and every five minutes or [...]

Local news, redefining excellence

I’m watching the local evening news, and the lead story is about a group of disgruntled University of Utah students whose lives are being made entirely unlivable because the landing pad for a medical helicopter has been temporarily moved near their dormitory. They’re calling it “a conflict between life and death, a conflict between peace [...]