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All pain is relative

I’m on a plane to Chicago to attend to some business meetings for the next couple of days and…

“Those stories were a good read”

I was looking through the questions in the Community today when I saw this one…

And she shall be known as “Fille”

Cami and her fiancé recently moved to up to Salt Lake City from Provo into an apartment about a mile from here, one that allows pets.

Stuff I found while looking around

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012, ‘Key & Peele’ have fun with football intros.

New Tunes – Grizzly Bear

I’m sure many of you are already familiar with Grizzly Bear, but I couldn’t resist featuring their new album Shields.

Wherein I do not mention earthquakes or nuclear war

I’m brushing Leta’s hair after her shower when she bites her lower lip, slowly looks up at me and asks, “Mom? Can tornados happen at night?”

As part of my calling in life

I was very recently invited to be on the Board of Directors for the Utah division of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and attended my first meeting last week…

Their crazy Southern mother

Saturday afternoon I took the girls to see my father’s new house out on the southwest side of the valley in a neighborhood that abuts a planned community with gardens, parks, swimming pools, and a freshwater lake. Toward the end of our visit we drove …

Stuff I found while looking around

Bad Little Children’s Books (I did a few of these myself back in 2006), words used in fanfiction to describe genitals and more.

New Tunes – Parlovr

Parlovr is a three man indie rock band out of Montreal, Quebec. There isn’t really a concise way to describe their sound…