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Random quote from my music library

“It’s hard to come by, I confess. I’m bad at this thing, happiness. If you find it, share it with the rest of us.”

Random quote from my music library

“I hope I don’t sound too ungrateful, what history gave modern man: a telephone to talk to strangers, machine guns and a camera lens.”

Random quote from my music library

“If you need someone to blame, throw a rock in the air. You’ll hit someone guilty.”

2.2 miles to go

Had I been paying attention during the marathon I might have caught this view across Central Park but I was otherwise preoccupied with the pain in my knee and broken foot. Fantastic to be back and see it WHILE STANDING STILL.

View from a hotel

Future Proof

I’ll just quote what the producers of the video had to say about this and add only that I wish this went on for hours: As a whole, the focus is on the dancers as they create and interact with abstract forms in a vast unknown world. Their own movements determine the creation and final [...]

In an effort to counter Snooki

This is a video of a biker who spots a calf stranded in a canal and then attempts to rescue it. You get the feeling that the calf hasn’t ever seen a helmet before, like WTF WHAT ARE YOU LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE. And then by the end they’re both smoking weed together.

“File under: first person to die during an apocalypse”

A television producer comes dangerously close to a killer turkey and in doing so provides one of the best videos on the Internet. “He’s waiting for me to get out of this car!”

Stunt poetry

Stunning. This was a deep breath that I desperately needed to take today.

Family dynamics

If you aren’t watching “Modern Family” then you need to fix that right quick, son. And not just because Phil (the father seen in this clip) is based in Salt Lake City, and my friends and I ran into him and his wife at a local restaurant. I guess “ran into” isn’t really accurate. It [...]