If you’ve got some to spare, I’d gladly take them off of your hands.

Style for your butt

The hare sat in the chair over there by the pear.

Tis the upcoming season

Our winter hasn’t been nearly as bad as yours continues to be, so I am willing this kind of weather on your behalf.

Surviving February

The government should be handing out free therapy lights to every home in The Northeast.

Is your man feeling artistic?

I want to read someone’s master’s thesis on this phenomenon.

Again, roses might work, too

Will work nicely with all the Instagram photos of ice cream cones, bicycles, and sprigs of rosemary.

Lunching in style

I could just tell her, you know what? Eat the school lunch. BUT THEN SHE WOULD NEVER EAT LUNCH.


Some of you may remember the video I’ve embedded in this post and you’re either going to love me or hate me for it.

Time to throw out the mattress you bought in college

Daydreaming of all things crisp and fresh for the dark mornings of winter.

Fog and rain and inversion, oh my!

Wherein I the cashier at the grocery store and I become best friends forever.