The many faces

And don’t think for one second that she ever let go of those balloons. In fact, she’s still holding them.

What idiot thought this was a good idea?

The grand finale of her birthday presents and the beginning of years of ER visits.

Newsletter: Marlo turns four

She was once a little glowworm and now she can perform a wedgie dance.

Oh, are people watching me?

This is before two pieces of cake, three scoops of ice cream, and that bag of candy my evil sister gave to her knowing it would send her through the roof.

Birthday girl

Four years ago today I fell in love with a dimple.

Circa 1978

Happy birthday, dear Avon World Sales Leader.

“Like nothing I’ve ever seen ever”

Fostering a love of the outdoors in my kids without all that camping nonsense.

Little helper

Taking a moment to celebrate.

A dozen years

I need to sit my website down and have a talk about “the changes in its body.”

Thirty Seven

Where do I even begin with this? We can start with, WHO LETS THEIR THREE-YEAR-OLD STAND ON TOP OF THE KITCHEN TABLE? Apparently, the future Avon World Sales Leader, that’s who. So for those of us who may have accidentally turned around at the grocery store and slammed our child into an end cap full [...]