The Hamilton Family Movers

We sang and we shouted with the armies of heaven.

Maybe all camping isn’t all nonsense

As you know, camping is not an activity with which I associate positive feelings.

Avon World Sales Leader to the rescue

Once this is over we’re celebrating with a vat of Diet Coke, what Marlo now calls Mormon Drink.

Both in bliss

They met in the pre-existence and have been reunited.

An uncle and his nephew

The tallest person in the family and the person who will soon own that title.

From Hamilton to Hamilton to Armstrong

Where all those capital letters come from.

Bless this food that it might not trigger heart disease

How to cook: use one hand to call for takeout, the other to scratch your butt.

To the rescue again

My family saves me again. They give Mormons a pretty damn good name.

Preparation (H)eather

I am the parental equivalent of the black jelly bean.

This. This is why I live here.

A thank you note to my incredible family.