The last year of my life with a three at the beginning, says my older brother who is older and also is older than I am.

Blue sky as canvas

Not as spectacular as the trees in DC, but you will not hear me complaining.

Des fleurs

Flower arranging with Anna Beth Chao.

Black-eyed Susan

I have no working knowledge of botany or floriculture, but this is one flower I can identify without any help. Finishing at the top of my class in high school is really working out for me, you guys.
click image above to see the photo on dooce.comby doo…


Little pink stars along a dirt path in the mountains. Summer in Utah is why I live here.


Just your average shot of a budding tree. But damn, if this isn’t my favorite time of year to head outside with the camera. So much color and texture everywhere. And pollen and dust and sneezing and watery eyes and if I scratch my itchy nose one more time it will have no choice but [...]