Picasso lake

Looking through my photos I found this one I took just after takeoff on my way to New York a few weeks ago. The periphery of The Great Salt Lake looks like it can’t decide if it wants to be water or land, and the effect is a piece of artwork. I fly so much, [...]

Somewhere over northern Utah

The pilot announced we could use our electronic devices right as we were flying over this river, and I got lucky that the shot I took makes it look like it’s pointing at the plane. Having grown up miles from the Mississippi River, I should scoff at referring to this tiny thing as an actual [...]

Utah Lake

I’m back in New York today (second time in two weeks), and I actually took this photo on the flight home last time as we flew over Utah County. That is not a lake you’d ever want to dip your toe in, but the green from the sky and the surrounding terrain look so much [...]

The line of the Wasatch

I flew back to Salt Lake City early yesterday morning. Really, really early. I left gorgeous weather in New York, and right now there’s about a foot of snow in the yard. This means that someone out there said, “There definitely won’t be another significant storm this year.” Out loud. And whoever you are, you [...]