Adventures with wildlife continued

I am very thankful that this is not about a dead bird on my doorstep or a rattlesnake.

Cover your precious ears

The daughters of the daughter of The Avon World Sales Leader.

Golden light

Sunday morning with Marlo.

Three generations

I like to give Leta some down time before practicing piano, homework, and fixing me a hot dog.

Christmas night fever

I love my mother but, dear Lord, that woman can be a total looney.

Grumpy baking happy fun times

Because wrestling a pig in a puddle of mud does not sound like fun to me.

Preparation (H)eather

I am the parental equivalent of the black jelly bean.

And it will become a national landmark

My cousin who normally provides childcare for Marlo during the day is out of town this week, and since I am also traveling from one coast to the other my mother stepped in to take the kids for a few days.

Ballerina beatboxer

I’ll give you one guess as to who bought her this monstrous outfit. Yes, that woman who directed the church choir for 80 years. HER.