Winter blues

Because of my eyes, because of Marlo’s eyes, because of the ocean, because of the sky.

Ideas for Mother’s Day

Meanwhile, my own mother will be receiving a coupon for “one free lecture to me about the evils of Obamacare.”


Because I am the valedictorian of dropping phones.


In the mood to turn down the saturation.

And then I adopted a leprechaun and named him Larry Mullen, Jr.

This shit is magically delicious.

For your lady

Seriously. Do not piss her off.

Since the whole house is already littered with it

My girls have been trying to send me a message.

Last minute ideas

For the procrastinators up in here.

For him

Normally I’d suggest you tell the guy in your life to go to the Apple store or REI or some electronics store and just pick something out already.

For her

A combination of super practical and super fun.