Ragged horizon

It was a vacation, yes, but the learning in fourth grade never stops.

Overlooking Park City

Cue that one Coldplay song about the thing and the thing.

Corn pops

A familiar sight for anyone who has driven into Park City from the airport.

Cumberland River

A view of the waterway that flows through Kentucky and northern Tennessee.

Another footie

Stopping long enough to admire the workmanship below my feet.

Honky Tonk

A quick trip to the city where I’d spend my summers growing up. Thanks for tearing down Opryland AND MY YOUTH, NASHVILLE.

Outside my bedroom window

The surprises of the yard unfolding each season.

The place to embark

If a picture of yourself is a selfie, then I guess these are called footies?

Past the Mission

Not bad for a photo taken from the back seat of a car.

The tourist shot

Oddly, of the 1700 times I’ve been to San Francisco I’ve never been here.