October hike

If my kids are going to embrace change, then so will I.

A very specific somewhere in the Caribbean

So far away yet right here in the palm of my hand.

Sunday service

Imagine hymns ringing out from every corner of the countryside.

Alarm clocks

One of the very many photos to show my girls of a land I hope they get to see one day.

Their turf

Shortly after encountering these guys Marlo whispered to me, “Those are the ugliest birds I’ve ever seen.” As if she didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

In Newport Bay

A pleasantly drama-free wildlife encounter. Thanks for the wink and head nod, Universe.

A view from the top of the ride

From happy happy joy joy to grumpy grumpy sad sad and back again. The roller coaster as metaphor.

Photobombed by a palm tree

Greetings from the Inland Empire where oddly I got very in touch with my Southern roots.

Because of Kelly

In honor of the man who broke the baseball color line.


A beauty far different from that which I find at home.