Great big things

Yesterday was a big day around here, you guys. Not just one of your average days where you pretend to be working but you’re actually looking at websites like this (thank Kelly for that one) and trying to morph the uncontrollable laughter shooting up from your gut into actual crying, so that when your boss [...]

When goodnight hugs go horribly wrong

Saturday night before Leta headed up to bed I asked her to come give me a hug. I was walking toward her to meet her halfway, and right when I leaned down she jumped up, accidentally headbutting me and busting my lower lip open. Blood immediately started gushing, and according to Leta’s reaction I was [...]

I love this part of parenthood

Leta: Mom, are you afraid of anything? Me, carefully weighing my response: I’m terrified of heights. I get really scared when I look out the window in a tall building. Leta: You mean like, cliffs and mountains? Me: Yes, exactly. Leta: What about when you were a little girl? Me: When I was your age [...]


A couple of weeks ago we finally got off our butts and enrolled Leta into piano lessons. We’ve been pretty hands off in terms of forcing Leta into activities, mainly because she would so rather be reading a book than kicking that stupid ball around the field, MOM. Well then, Leta, let me introduce you [...]

Grandmother, mother, daughter

Earlier this week I experienced one of my proudest moments as a parent, and I am being totally, unabashedly earnest when I talk about this. Like, this isn’t a post about Marlo making it through the day without injuring herself or breaking the law, although Universe, if you’re listening I’d gladly trade you one of [...]

We need an official clown car

Saturday afternoon my friend Cami and I took both girls to get some ice cream. It was an outing that required just the right amount of effort for a weekend afternoon: not too much like chasing a toddler around a park so that she doesn’t impale herself on a fence, not too little like falling [...]

More adventures in picky eating

“Mom, it’s Friday. We’re going out to eat tonight, right?” “Actually, your father and I are going on a date, so your cousin Meredith is coming over to babysit.” “BUT… BUT… WHAT WILL WE HAVE FOR DINNER?!” “Whoa, hey. You don’t have to worry about it. Meredith will fix you something you like.” “WHAT IF [...]

Because a trip to South Padre Island is out of the question

Leta’s spring break is coming up, and when Jon and I were brainstorming ideas about what to do he suggested we all go camping. In a tent. With Marlo. I told him that he might as well take a bat and hit me over the head, again and again, and then take me by the [...]

The second tooth

Last Thursday night we were all sitting around the dinner table talking when Jon noticed that Leta was fiddling with her loose tooth. The same loose tooth that he has threatened to yank for the last month, causing both her and me to run screaming into the other room where we crouch in the corner [...]

March madness

Sunday morning we resumed a ritual we practiced with Leta but gave up once Marlo came along. Because Marlo ruins everything. See how I just came right out and said that? Believe me, when she reads that fifteen years from now I guarantee you her feelings will not be hurt, and instead she will throw [...]