Modern folklore

Next, I’m buying some Pop Rocks and soda and we are going to party.

And lo, it was good

Santa is obviously a huge fan of Pinterest, you guys. What a sheep.

Foreign language

The evil of motion pictures and why I should have raised them on an isolated farm where they have to churn their own butter.

Snuggling by the tree

A rare moment when Marlo isn’t shouting marching orders to her sister through a megaphone.

Sans les lunettes

I know. You’re wondering where her glasses are. You are not alone.

Adventures in babysitting

Not so much an adventure in finding help as it is a lot of luck and living in a state where everyone is exposed to kids.

Paying for all the hard partying but without the hard partying

In fifteen years she’ll be spending her weekends just like this but for very different reasons.

Those small, simple delights of parenthood

I really hope that Marlo’s preschool teachers are reading this today.

Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching…

… stuffy head, fever.. why yes I DO memorize all cold medicine commercials. What?

A few words of gratitude

Cliché or tradition, it never hurts to take inventory of they who make my life so wonderful.