Please help him, dear god

He is surrounded by love and it is just so sickening.

Big sister, little sister

Brining back memories of my childhood and the big sister I adored.


A water dog dressed in a princess costume? You don’t say.

Quinoa, frogs legs and more musings from “The Picnic Game”

When it comes to games involving the alphabet, pity the participant who is in his sixties and can’t remember what comes after the letter C.

My village

My team of “sister wives” is wide and deep and doesn’t get enough public praise for their contribution.

The long road ahead

Really? Does she really have to do this? Letters and numbers are so overrated.

Here in America

The founding fathers are nodding in so much approval right now.

Should clearly indicate whether or not I’m raising them Paleo

Just your average healthy snack that is in no way getting anywhere near a piece of clothing that I hold dear.

Family colors

I could decorate her room with bottles of Pepto-Bismol and she’d be perfectly happy.

Happiness is a puppy

I’m cherishing all her smiles these days. Coco is enduring all her constant attention.