This was one of my favorite shots from the day trip to Montana last week. It reminds me of something my Aunt Lola would paint with oil on canvas. Maybe I’ll call her up and commission this and she can tell me about her bunions and irritable bowels.

Four dubbin’

Friday afternoon the whole family hopped on four-wheelers and ATVs for a ride up a mountain in Montana. Doesn’t she look so happy? So carefree? She loved the whole experience, but three hours later she was spitting at me and trying to rip her own face off. I’m going to choose to remember this part [...]

Metaphors in Montana

Last night I slept for eight straight hours and when I woke up I immediately ran outside and bench pressed my car while simultaneously arm wrestling a bear. I won. I can see straight! The world isn’t going to end! I mean, at least not today. It will at some point just as the Book [...]