Newsletter: Month One Hundred and Twenty

My little frog baby turns ten.

Newsletter: Marlo turns four

She was once a little glowworm and now she can perform a wedgie dance.

Newsletter: Month One Hundred and Eight

My little frog baby turns nine.

Newsletter: Marlo turns three

Dear Marlo, Today you turn three years old. This morning after you screamed, “MOM!” fourteen different ways, sometimes turning it into a two and three and seven syllable word, I finally got out of bed to go get you from your crib. You had your stuffed puppy wrapped around your head and wouldn’t look at [...]

Newsletter: Month Ninety-Six

Dear Leta, Tomorrow you turn eight years old. I’m going to give those who have been reading about you since your birth a chance for that to sink in. Hell, I need a chance for that to sink in. And yes, I’m going to use foul language because last year when I tried reading you [...]

Newsletter: Marlo turns two

Dear Marlo, Tomorrow you turn two years old. That’s twenty-four months on planet Earth! The exact length of time a Mormon missionary spends proselytizing in a far away land! That’s a long time to wait if you’re that missionary’s girlfriend. And if you had someone waiting for you, they’d see you today for the first [...]

Newsletter: Month Eighty-Four

Dear Leta, Last week you turned seven years old. When you were born other parents told us to relish that time with you because in the blink of an eye you’d be seven or eight or nine like their own children. I asked those parents if their seven, eight, and nine-year-olds were sleeping, and when [...]

Newsletter: Marlo turns one

Dear Marlo, Today you turn one year old. In dooce terms, that’s twelve months. Years from now when you and your sister look back on what I’ve written here and you realize that I wrote a lot more about her first year than I did about yours, I kindly ask that you forgive me. It [...]

Newsletter: Month Seventy-two

Dear Leta, Yesterday was your sixth birthday. That’s 72 months if I had been keeping up with the monthly newsletters. Yeah, about that… your father and I severely underestimated the amount of chaos a second child would add to all of our lives. It didn’t just double it, it multiplied it by a hundred and [...]

Newsletter: Summer 2009

Dear Leta and Not-Maria Marlo, Where in the world did the last three months go? I know that’s what you’re thinking, right? Because one day I’m pregnant, bloated, and really embarrassed that I have to ask someone else to tie my shoes for me, and then BOOM, I’m a mother of two beautiful girls, one [...]