My Life in Movies

“First non-animated movie I saw in a theater without having to be removed from the theater for screaming because my parents somehow thought Raiders of the Lost Ark was about Noah…”

Scent sucker

“Perfumes, soaps, scented body washes, room sprays, candles, laundry detergents: they are my kryptonite. I know everyone likes to smell good, but I expect a little more than just good.”

Me At 13

“My zeal for people poking fun of their former teenage selves knows no bounds.”

Doll Parts

“I played with dolls as a child for the same reason I played the Sims as an adult: sex, death, and elaborate floor plans.”

Pros and Cons

She forgot one con: they never learn how to fix Mama a hot dog.

None of them has ever said LOL

This is Sarah’s last guest post, and I can’t thank her enough for helping me get through the last four weeks of insane change over here. Since Jon’s birthday is Sunday, and mine was earlier this week, we’re going to go get massages! IN THE SAME ROOM! I know that probably grosses some people out, [...]